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For those interested in After Effects (which is something I have been dabbling with), I have found a great tutorial site called Video It is presented by Andrew Kramer, and features many great tutorials dealing with Adobe After Effects. I made one over the weekend which featured an earth zoom animation, starting from an aerial shot over my house/neighborhood, and quickly zooming out into space. Here is the link and my video animation.



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For the few years I have been getting into character animation, Ive learned there is a whole world out there with public domain rigs that animators can practice with. There are several benefits that come with these rigs. First off, these were designed by various people and companies/groups that try to get their name out there as far as quality of rigging and modeling goes, so you will see a variety of rigging styles to the preference of different people. That being said, there is a world of really good rigs and not so good rigs in the public domain world. From my experience, finding the niche of what rigs are good can be a bit tricky. I consider myself continuing to explore the various character rigs that are out there. The best advice on finding good rigs to practice with is to ask around to peers and the internet world of what rigs have done them the best.

Here are a few websites that provide public domain character animation rigs.

11 Second Club has a resources section that provides various rigs for character animators. What I like about it is they have sections for particular software that is provided as well.

Creative Crash, formerly known to me as High End 3D, is a general CG site that has various Character Animation Rigs and other resources for animation. Since they have made a merger from the standard High End 3D setup, I am not too familiar with the new look Creative Crash has provided, although it is not too much contrasting other than a different color template to the site background.

Animation Buffet is quite possibly one of the best public domain rig sites I have seen. Even though it is strictly Maya rigs from what i have witnessed, they have split the rig lists into different categories (gender, realistic, robotic to name a few) to narrow down the users search from the complete list. There are also tutorials on different MEL scripts and various ways of altering public domain rigs, which was extremely helpful to me as of recently.

Hope this information has been helpful to all of my animation friends.

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Hey everyone,

I have yet to get to much detail in this blog yet, but it will be up very soon… i promise.

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